I'm Melissa Fouch. I grew up in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. I lived in Colorado through undergraduate and graduate school at CU Boulder and then DU (Denver). I then moved to Los Angeles, California and lived there for ten years, with the exception of one year when I lived in Oakland, CA.

In 2007 I moved with my boyfriend Mike and my cat Cowboy to the Boston area. We adopted a dog Sawdust almost right away. He's a black lab who knows lots of tricks.

My undergraduate degree was in English...which left me with very few recognizable skills career-wise. After bouncing around from Tree Trimming (which I LOVED, but had no health coverage, and it was seasonal) to waitressing and finally to Graphic Designing at a small sign company, I decided to go back to school.

I obtained a Masters in Computer Science along with some Web Master Certifications and the day I walked in the Graduation ceremony (with my mom who also got the same degree!), I got in my car and drove to Los Angeles where I started a job two days after arriving at New Times LA (a newsweekly) as the Layout Editor and ultimately Web Designer.

Once I felt that I'd learned everything I could there, I moved on to freelance and contract graphic and web design. I formed my company Six Design Studio (check my links) and got to work on some amazing projects, and with some amazing people. I have built and designed websites for magazines, artists, musicians, animators, legal firms, real estate professionals, and more artists!

When I met my boyfriend Mike, he lived in Colorado. He moved many months later to Los Angeles to work for Electronic Arts as a video game Engineer. We began dating almost a year after he moved to LA, when the timing was just so!

A couple years later we started considering where to move so that we could someday have a dog and afford a house (LA is pricey). We considered the Pacific Northwest and were pretty settled on it when my boyfriend got a call from Curt Schilling, pitcher for the Red Sox. Schilling was putting together his "dream team" of video game staff to create his vision...a Massive Multi-player Online video game with his creative team Todd McFarlane and R.A. Salvatore. It turns out Mike's name was given to Schilling by some trusted sources...and well, lets just say its an opportunity of a lifetime and Mike is now the Lead Engineer at the studio!

I am happy to be in a new place, and I was able to bring my clients with me...web design is cool that way! We've got the dog...we're looking for a house, and we're pretty happy with how its all coming together over here in New England.

This January ('08) I opened up an online boutique selling my own designs (jewelry, knitting and weaving), along with several of the amazing designers I've built websites for over the years. I absolutely love what I'm doing, and believe in everything I'm selling. The focus is eco-friendly, conscientious designers making unusual and well made products. I've expanded each week with new products, designers and ideas. Check my links for that blog and that website.

I am still designing websites as I grow M Design Boutique. I also dabble in print (its fun to go back to print after so much web work).

Every day brings something new!


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